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Which Clubs Do We Work With?

 In Las Vegas the industry standard for a lap dance is $20 per song. So you can expect that. VIP rooms become a totally different story. This more private affair can vary from club to club and be different depending on how busy the venue is. Some strip clubs will have a drink or bottle minimum for VIP rooms, but not all. The VIP experience is time based, and the more time you choose to spend with the entertainer, the more money it will cost. Industry averages are 3 songs for $100, half an hour is $250 to $300, and an hour ranges from $400 to $500. A bit of advice we prefer to give is to make sure and discuss and agree on a price with the dancer before she starts.

Men of Sapphire

Yes there are! Men aren't the only ones that get to enjoy the exotic clubs. Women also have multiple venues that have male entertainers and packages to see the male strippers. No Las Vegas bachelorette party is complete without a male strip club.

When it comes to male strip clubs in Las Vegas the leader in the industry is the Men of Sapphire. Know where else is there a better place to celebrate girls night out, a bachelorette party, or just an opportunity for the ladies to have fun with some hot men. Everything is all set for you in this ladies only audience showroom. Leave your inhibitions behind and be ready to enjoy the hunks and male entertainers that are on another level. The strip club includes performances from hard bodies with lap dances and opportunities to be brought on stage. Men of Sapphire includes choreographed stage performances and one on one entertainment.

Kings of Hustler

 If girl's night out is your plan of attack then Kings of Hustler is your answer for Las Vegas Male Revue and male stripper fun. This isn't Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under, this is the real Magic Mike. The action lives on the rooftop of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Las Vegas and features sexy men, a full bar, fantastic views of the strip, and an MC and DJ that keep the party going. You will find friendly and professional staff with world class lighting and sound. Kings of Hustler is ready for your bachelorette parties and female outings in general.
Your experience begins before you enter the venue as you will be picked up from your hotel in style with VIP transportation. Be prepared to step into a world of fantasy in an intimate atmosphere. Be prepared to relax or get wild. Your entire group is in for a treat. Kings of Hustler does not disappoint.

 Las Vegas Strip Club Passes

+1 (702) 899-1139

+1 (702) 899-1139

The drink prices tend to vary depending on the venue, time, and day of
the week (average $10-20 per drink) . The best part is we have some of
the best hookups and offers that get you into the clubs for free, with
free transportation, and you only have to purchase two drinks (which
are you going to get anyway since you're partying).

Are There Male Strip Clubs In Vegas?

Larry Flynt's Huster Club in Las Vegas is the perfect adult playground and labels itself as the mega club erotic event center. The venue is massive at 70,000 square feet spread across 3 levels with a multitude of entertainers. The VIP stage showcases a see-through glass catwalk that can be viewed from the floor above. You'll also find multiple bars, VIP skyboxes and suites. Since we mentioned bars, Hustler Club has six full bars featuring drink specials and the gentlemen's club boasts the finest wine and champagne selection.

Inside the club you will find a party environment with a great mix of music between top 40, dance, and rock. You won't be let down by the ladies you will be joining up with. Be assured there will be countless dancers that will definitely be turning your head.


Treasures strip club in Las Vegas is the most elegant and luxurious gentlemen's club in the World. This venue has been seen on Cinemax, E! Entertainment, and the Travel Channel. If you've come to find gorgeous women in a top venue Treasure's is your spot. Whether celebrating a bachelor party, birthday party, or just a guy's night out, you can't go wrong here.

Spearmint Rhino - The Best Gentlemen's Club in the World!

When it comes to quality strip clubs in Las Vegas everyone talks about the Spearmint Rhino. It is literally wall to wall with beauties. Whether you are looking for a nightclub alternative, a great spot for afterhours, or food after the club, you can't go wrong here. The design of the strip club is plush with the feel of a high-tech manor. There are multiple rooms, bars, VIP areas, and stages. When it comes to the girls they do have a plethora of hot women. No matter where you sit, stand, or hang out you will be in the vicinity of a girl you won't be able to take your eyes off of.

They have a variety of services that one would expect from a gentlemen's club in Las Vegas including private dances and VIP rooms. The environment is friendly for both men and women, and bachelor parties are obviously welcomed and encouraged. One hidden gem at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas is the food. Las Vegas locals are always raving about the chicken strips and the breakfast sandwiches.

 The girls in Las Vegas strip gentlemen's clubs represent a very diverse group of women. They come from all over the world to perform at the most popular party city in Las Vegas. It is estimated that there can be up to 10,000 girls between all the club in any given night. You can expect to meet stunning girls from all ethnicity, background, shapes, and sizes. Trust me there are sexy Asian, Latinas, Ebony, Caucasian, European, and women from all over. Overall the dancers and strippers are sexy girls who are fun and enjoy what they do and the clubs they work at. Our advice is to not be shy and enjoy the party environment.

How Much Are Lap Dances?

What Kind Of Girls Will Be There?

Las Vegas Strip Club Passes   

Are you headed to Vegas with a bachelor party or group of your favorite guy friends? Ladies you are welcome too of course! We recommend checking out one of Las Vegas top strip clubs:

Treasures - The Most Luxurious Gentlemen's Club in the World!

Sapphire LV was recently voted 'Best Gentlemen's Club' by the Las Vegas Review Journal in their annual 'Best of Las Vegas' competition. This was Sapphire's 5th consecutive year winning this title. In addition, Sapphire Las Vegas won "Best Bachelor Party", CFV Sapphire Comedy Hour won "Best Comedy," and our Male Revue, Men of Sapphire, was named Best Bachelorette Party. As if this wasn't enough, Sapphire Pool & Day Club won Best Day Club in Las Vegas for the third consecutive year!

Las Vegas Strip Club Free Pass Deal

  Lets save some money! When you take into account that transportation to the clubs is between $20 & $100 and then add cover charges, on average a party of 5 will save $300 by using our free passes. This is money that you can use for drinks and dances. Everyone is going to be drinking, so getting the hookups with free entry and free transportation for a 2 drink minimum purchase is something you are going to be doing anyway!

 While there are over 20 strip clubs in Las Vegas, trust us when we say there are only a few that are worth your time and money. When visitors come to Las Vegas they want to see things they would never have access to in their hometown. The clubs we've chosen to work with definitely make the cut and have the 'wow factor' on multiple levels. Our guests can expect the hottest women, solid customer service, and top of the line venues with cleanliness, music, and lighting. We would also like to note that all of the clubs on our list are establish and reputable businesses that are in good standing with the city and their merchant accounts. There are some shady operations in Las Vegas, and we want you to know that you won't find any of them with us.

How Much Are Drinks In Las Vegas Strip Clubs?

Sapphire - World's Largest Strip Club!

- Sapphire
- Larry Flynt’s Hustler
- Spearmint Rhino
- Treasures
- Crazy Horse 
- Cheetahs
- Deja Vu
- Little Darlings
- Men of Sapphire
- Kings of Hustler

(499) 111-11-00

Larry Flynt's Huster Club - Party Never Ends!